All services are in person and also via tele-health (video conference), in the convenience of your home without compromising quality of care.
We Accept Insurance. We offer comprehensive Body Composition Testing with Guidance

Initial Consultation​

90 min Medical Nutrition Therapy, Preventive Care, Wellness

We will review your comprehensive medical history including labs, medications, diet, sleep, stress, and social dynamics. Together we will set realistic goals for yourself.

Follow-up Consultation​

60 min Medical Nutrition Therapy, Preventive Care, Wellness

We will review the progress of your goals together and adjust as needed while reviewing your overall well-being, labs, and medication. We will modify your goals as needed.

Family Wellness Consultation

105 min | Wellness Care for Families (includes up to 4 family members)

We will assess, diagnose, intervene, and evaluate your family’s nutritional needs to optimize health & wellness of each family member through the transformative power of food and nutrition.