Live Life in Color

Whats comes to your mind after listening to this this word?
Close your eyes and feel for a moment!
Look your plate-if you are eating, your surroundings- home, office, clothes-you are wearing-Colors matter! 
As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I strongly believe that a colorful life can shape our health and well being in a positive direction. So today, I humbly request you to pause for a moment and take a break from you hectic life and just think COLORS at this this moment. 


How do you feel? 

Express in comments!

Let’s Live Life in color!

Today our featured guest blogger is Rippu Basrai Chadha AKA RED
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“Did you know Color is the only Energy a human eye can actually see. It goes without saying that Colors make all things beautiful. I totally believe in leading a colorful life, to an extent that having a rainbow around me is literally my Life’s mantra. And my profession gives me a chance to make lives and spaces colorful and tasteful.

Colors around your surroundings actually influence your state of mind, the way you feel and even impacting your decision making.The very reason the Color Psychology and  Therapy are getting more and more proclaimed and a practice on rise.

Each color in this universe is associated with a unique property and attributes. Not just the color, its hue, saturation and luminance together make up for abundance of shades which make this world so Bright, Alluring and Colorful. Don’t each of us have different personalities!! Be it our favorite color or the very shade we make a part of our home decor, clothing or even the car we ride can speak volumes about our personal style, without us having to explicitly explain. And how we perceive color is purely distinctive and also tied up directly with our emotions or temperaments. Rather it would not be wrong to say that a color can even produce the moods and sensations for us. 
Make color a part of you, your daily life, what you eat, wear, carry and live with.”-Rippu
Rippu can be reached at Instagram @red_rippu_redstyledevents
A colorful doorway!
A Colorful Doorway by Rippu

When it comes to eating colors, or colorize you plate, it does not need any explanation. We all know more color meaning better nutrient profile, better antioxidants profile. so yes “Eat Your Colors”. 

But enjoy these colorful recipes creation below by Mona A Gandhi. She can be found on Instagram @ThePlateMattersByMona

Sushi Cake by Mona A Gandhi
Khow Suey by Mona A Gandhi
Cruciferous Salad by Sangeeta
Peaches and Cream Tablescape by Rippu
Rippu Basrai Chadha is the Founder and Creative Head of Rippu Event and Decors – RED. A Software Engineer having a decade long experience in the IT industry working with the leading tech giants in India and in the US, she always knew this was not her calling and that her interests were in the creative field. Doing Events is not just a profession, it’s her way of leading life – with Beauty, Manner and Ideal. Considering each day in Life worth celebrating, it brings immense joy and exuberance to her to beautify the life of others.
Rippu Event and Decors – RED is an Event Décor, Styling and Planning Company that works on customizing your parties with their Exclusive, Latest and Cutting-edge Designs and Styles!!  They cater to all kinds of Social Events and Celebrations and work in all arenas and aspects of Designing, Styling, and Planning an Event be it Birthdays or  Showers, Picnics , Weddings, Corporate Events and much more.
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  1. Colors and our environments definitely affect our mood. One of the reasons why being in nature is so serene and calming. Lovely write up.


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